Living a Purpose Designed Life

with Pamela Henkel  

Extraordinary Lives require
Intentional Design...

Learn How to Design the Purpose-filled, Passionate Life You Were Meant to Live!

Seize THIS day to dream and to discover YOUR individual potential through realizing your dreams. Pamela is a natural motivator and has shown many how to find their niche and excel. Although success can be an up-hill battle, you can find the necessary strategies to flourish- Pamela will awaken your dreams and purpose by design!
Courses, Teaching, and Coaching
to Design Your Life with Purpose!

Find Your Purpose - Design Your Life - Live Your Dreams

"We live in an amazing time.  A time where we create, consider and mine for hope in our lives - now is the time we get to discover, design, and dance in our new normal."
Pamela Henkel, minister, coach, speaker & author

My Book Launch

My very first book is LIVE!  My inaugural work, Captivated, is ready for you NOW!  Click below to get your autographed copy - while they last!! 

I'm so excited and can't wait to share an inner look at the amazing journey that I've traveled that brought me to a place of stepping into my true calling as a minister, coach, and speaker!

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Five days of training  gives you the basic foundations of discovering your purpose, designing the life you want and living the life you were meant to live!
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My purpose is to mine for hope in our chaotic times.  She was born for this time - to highlight voices of transformation to inspire and educate us!
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This is an in-depth eight week teaching with yours truly! I'll personally guide you through every detail of discovering and designing your new normal!